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Want DAYS FILLED WITH YAY- The Easy Way??? That’s precisely, Best Selling Author, RADICAL, World’s #1 True Self for True Wealth Facilitator, Solo Practice Success Accelerator, Monetizer, Leverageable Win/Win Revenue Radical and Attorney Tiphanie Jamison, is inviting you to experience. As the founder of The YAY Me University™ her mission is to infuse YAY energy into life+ business with her “Never compete, just create” philosophy to generate multiple streams of Cash Flow + Wealth by establishing a distinctly unduplicatable category of 1 for which YOU ARE the Immediate and Only Authority-Harnessing the Power of 2 Psychological Principles + Leverage+ Automation; Seducing Your Prospects to Choose YOU by speaking directly to their emotional meta triggers through creating win/win situations, while Staying True to Yourself, Having a Boatload of Fun and Your Self-Respect remaining intact… without BS or Hype.

Referred to by her clients as the “Monetizer Bunny” and “Profit Princess”, she holds the #1 spot on Google and Bing for “Leverageable Income” without spending a cent on traffic or ads!

She’s pioneered the R.A.D. Success Model, (including The RAD Blaze 3-n-1 Success Suite), the #1 innovative fast track model for Solo Practice Service Professionals to create Profit Pulling Life Style Solo Practices in 90 days or less.

Her secret, the YAY B.L.A.S.T, helps solo practice service professionals create + expand multiple streams of leverageable, scalable, outsourceable, win/win income, that positions them as a generous industry trailblazer and boost their online presence.  She is the Creator of the DEFINITIVE Solo Practice Success Test, which predicts the outcome of your Success as a Solo Practitioner-; the Definitive Unique Selling Proposition Test for service professionals, at and the Definitive Financial Freedom Indicator- the Money Freedom Test at

A self-acknowledged personal and business development “radical” and founder of The YAY Me University, she is on a mission to take you beyond what she playfully calls the “Self-Help Trifecta” into the space of limitless possibilities and opportunities of Self-Expertise. Author of 4 books for print, her book The RADICAL Self-Expert – The Fastest Simplest 7 Step Method to Discover How to Be Your True Self, Change Your Life Now and Be Happy Today!-The Easy Way was #1 on the Kindle Amazon Bestseller List for Self-Help/Self Esteem and #2 for Self-Help/Happiness. She has developed and created 2 definitive self-assessments- The True Self Test & The True to Self- Test as well as the definitive test for Negativity Addiction.

In true radical renegade form, Tiphanie authored the book, Guru Worship, Interesting Observations of Why Business Coaching Gurus Keep Getting Richer and Coaches, Consultants, Spiritual +Transformational + Heart Centered Entrepreneurs (Like YOU) Are Going Broke, in response to growing dis-taste for the “bootleg” business coaching scams and shams for entrepreneurs. In the book, she wittingly details the findings of her research of the strange phenomenon of “Guru Worship” in the business building, consulting and personal development space.

Bringing the YAY is about “…writing your own rules so you always win,” according to Tiphanie.


“This isn’t an either/or world we live in… it’s an AND world. You get to feed all of your passions AND be a service professional AND be handsomely paid AND serve your clients and patients at the highest possible level AND beyond…” enthusiastically declares Tiphanie. As she describes, when you set up systems, give value to others, you receive more money.  True Self + True Wealth= Days Filled with YAY-The Easy Way!

Tiphanie Jamison, Esq. has written the game-changer for Solo Practitioner Success in the New Connection Economy, RADICAL Revenue- The Truth About Why Attorneys, Doctors, Dentists, Therapists + Other Professional Solo Practitioners (Like You) NEED Leverageable, Scalable, Outsourceable Win/Win Income INSTEAD of Chasing Clients and Patients to Boost Your Online Presence, Become an Industry Trailblazer & Generate Unlimited Cash Flow”.  


Her formal education includes a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Masters of Science in International Relations and a Juris Doctor. For a copy of her academic credentials, please send your request to


Tiphanie is a licensed attorney for the 9th Federal District and the State of California.


A bit quirky and more tomboy than she appears, Tiphanie’s profound intellect and vibrancy, make for an  adventurous and imaginative environment, in which personal and business-growth are more delightful than difficult. 


She is a fun, passionate, sports jock who celebrates her feminine curves, and loves soft rock music from the 70s and 80s.

 Her books include:

paperback radical revenue

Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt with bestseller


book on true self 1000

3d laying

guru worship Paperback(Upright)