The Fact is that Most Solo Practitioners are treated as “Second Class Citizens” or worse, dinosaurs on the verge of extinction. If you believe most studies, Solo Practitioners are on their “last leg”.

cedric dark on solo practice physician decline in psychotherapytrends in dental solo practices

 the future of solo practices and small law firms

I have likened the 7 Figure Life Style Solo Practice to the Loch Ness Monster… Something Always Talked About but Never Actually Seen!

Which in a word, SUCKS!!! As noted by Jason Fried, founder & CEO at Basecamp (formerly known as 37signals)…jason fried quote

It’s Not FAIR!!! You didn’t spend all that money and time on training and education to NOT have the life you choose.  It shouldn’t be a choice between “sleazy sales-man” or barely scrapping by.

online marketer scamsYou shouldn’t have to become the prey of the month for marketing predators (insert “consultants”).   You know, all of the “consultants” that come calling every week with their latest “bag o’ institutional marketing tricks”.marketing services being offered to solo practices






Dinosaurs… Loch Ness… the New Prey… and OH, IT GETS WORSE…. 

SOLO Practitioners ARE Under Siegefueled by:

problems with growing your solo practiceThe pressure to lower your fees…

The ever declining image of professional service practitioners…

A global economy…


New professional service business models…

Fly by night regulations

Solo practitioners are NOT going to become dinosaurs or the new prey on my watch… and furthermore, 7 figure lifestyle solo practices will no longer be the loch ness monster of the business world…  It’s time to fight back with the most powerful tool ever….

the truth about solo practices


how to start a solo practice

The New Connection Economy Levels the Playing Field for Solo Practitioners…

seth godin connection economy radical revenue

new connection economy and small business 

There has never been a more awesome time for solo practitioners to make their mark on the world and generate wealth, than NOW…

grow your solo practice

radical revenue book 07062014RADICAL Revenue deep dives in to the Answers You Have Been Seeking for a Leveraged Profit Pulling Online Presence that Sets You Apart from the Pack and Positions You as a Generous Thought Leader in Your Industry. 


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By Knowing the Information in the book RADICAL REVENUE, You Will NO Longer Be the Unwitting Participate in Hypey Marketing Consultants Shams and Scams… and Finally Have the Answers You Are Seeking to How to Create the LifeStyle Solo  Practice You Always Knew was Possible.

Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover…

purple star3How You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds… Rapid Revenue Growth and an Awesome Life Without Working Harder.

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purple star3Why Getting More Clients Won’t Create a Life Style Practice.

purple star3Why Trading Time for Money is a FLAWED Business Model and What to Do Instead.

purple star3How to Stop Selling and Start Sharing for More Revenue.

purple star3How and Why Becoming Freddy Krueger will Skyrocket Your Profits.

purple star3How to Truly Build a Practice (empire) that Supports Your Life Style, Instead of Living for Your Practice.

purple star3Why the First Page of Google for 1 Keyword is Not Your Ticket to a Successful Solo Practice Heaven.

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Don’t let procrastination, conventional thinking, hesitation, fear or doubt stop you from improving your life, increasing your profits, having more fun and freedom.. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

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